Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Autumn is my favourite season but there is something so joyful and hopeful about Springtime; a message now more needed than ever.

Clear skies reveal the true blue ceiling to our world.
Sunlight dazzles and sparkles sending fingers of warmth to stroke my face and arms.
Air ripples with the joyous tumbling notes of bird song.
A fat furry bee buzzes against the window.
Splashes of buttery yellow hopefulness in unexpected corners.
Summer faintly humming in the near distance.

Earth’s whispers on April breezes,
Echoes of unseen stirrings beneath her soft surface.
Whispers heard deep in my veins,
Pulling me back outdoors.
Softly urging me to be part of this ensemble of recreation.
This colourful exuberant birthing of new life.

Delicate buds hiding unfurled leaves,
Stately tulips, bearing witness.
The cherry tree tosses her blossoms on the breeze
With the wild abandon of a Bollywood heroine.
And busy birds, singing, building
I take my cue.

Fingers deep in soil, breathing it's loamy aroma as I dig and plant,
I give thanks to Mother Earth
For her reminder, that life is a journey
A series of deaths and rebirths
She turns through the seasons, year on year, she whispers ‘all is well’


  1. Lovely poem! So nice to read this on a sunny spring day with the daffodils blooming in my back yard (among the weeds lol!) I just read your comment on my blog and it made my day! I'm so glad you (and your mom too!) loved Uncut Diamonds. That means so much to me that you told me as well :) I'll look forward to your review!

  2. Wonderful poem Barbara. Captures the delights of Spring. And a photo of one of my favorite flowers..daffodils. Such happy smile inducing flowers aren't they!

  3. Lovely, Barbara, loved your 'Bollywood' cherry blossom, really apt.
    'All is well', nature trying to tell us something.

  4. Thanks Karen - will let u know when review up! Lots of catching up at the moment!

    Hi Ann and Brigid... thanks for spending a while at my kitchen table and not laughing at my attempt at a wee poem!

  5. Oooh I really loved this post Barbara!

    "Splashes of buttery yellow hopefulness in unexpected corners."

    "The cherry tree tosses her blossoms on the breeze
    With the wild abandon of a Bollywood heroine."

    "Whispers heard deep in my veins,
    Pulling me back outdoors."

    . . . me too!


  6. That is a really lovely poem, Bar. Love the imagery. You've captured the joyousness of this wonderful season. Well done.

  7. Beautiful poem Barbara! I know exactly what you mean about being pulled outdoors - it's hard to resist. I love the line about the Bollywood Heroine too:)

  8. Hi Susannah, Nor and Niamh and thanks for the kind words. I am far from a poet but will keep having a go thanks to encouragement like you have given !


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