Thursday, July 28, 2011


What will we call him?

The girls chirruped happily in the back of the car.

“Meooowww” said the little ginger bundle in the cat carrier.



Negotiating the slip road onto the motorway,

I indicated into the traffic.

“ His name is Hector” I announced

"He has the same colour hair and he will be great craic."

Hector it was.

That was Friday afternoon.

He fitted right in.

He felt part of the family.

I could see trouble ahead.

How will we ever let him go?

“We are not having 5 cats” I announced,

"He goes back to the DSPCA in 3 weeks and on to his forever home.

Let’s just give him a great start."

So began ‘Hector’ weekend.

We all wasted hours with this feline joy machine.

He played – a bit,

He ate – a bit,

He loved – a lot.

On Sunday evening he was sick.

He was not very interested in eating.

But he still liked to wander about

Greeting and trying to make friends with the other felines

I could hear the faint ringing of alarm bells rang in my head.

On Monday he was up and down.

But he didn’t eat.

Not one scrap.

I found him once or twice just sitting on the sofa,

He looked so sad.

Monday night I spend the entire evening watching rubbish on the TV

Hector slept on my chest,


He purred.

Every so often he stretched out his paw,

And looked up into my eyes

We connected.

I willed him well

I said goodnight.

Tuesday morning, Hector was still very sad.

I phoned the DSPCA

Bring him they said,

The vet will have a look at him

This time it was just me and him on the motorway

The car was very quiet.

His temperature is low the vet said

We will keep him in and see how he gets on.

We will phone you tomorrow.

I never said goodbye.

I went home,

Cleaned his litter tray and food dishes

Ready for his return.

I got no call.

My husband phoned – ‘any news of Hector?’

I phoned at lunchtime.

I phoned again.

At 5pm the nurse phoned me back.

Hector didn’t make it.

He had some deadly kitten virus,

There was nothing they could do.

I held my girls as we all cried.

Hector was one of those special creatures,

Somehow he touched all our hearts.

We only knew him for four days

But everyone knows it only takes a moment to fall in love

Hector - we are so sad your life was so short

But we feel so lucky to have been your family just for that time.

It was a privilege to share your last weekend.

Who knew your forever home would be beyond this world.

The DSPCA do wonderful work for unloved and abandoned animals. They always need help. If you can foster an animal or adopt one check out their website. They also need your donations.

Sharing your life with a four legged can bring tears, can be hard work but despite all that, for many of us it is one of the greatest joys of life.


  1. Sorry to hear. I'm quite sad reading this.

  2. Poor little Hector. I'm glad though he got to spend his last weekend in such a warm and welcoming environment.

  3. So sorry to read about poor little Hector... he was just gorgeous. I hope your girls take comfort in that he knew he was loved in your home xx

  4. Poor little Hector! That is so sad!

  5. Have tears in my eyes reading this....RIP little Hector.

  6. Oh God that broke me up. Poor little mite, amazing the souls that can touch your heart isn't it, glad he had a happy last weekend.

  7. So sad, but I'm so glad he got to be loved by you all. x

  8. It's always the risk you take when you take an animal into your heart. Sooner or later they leave you and there's no use saying to yourself "sure he's only an animal". It hurts to see them go. I met Hector and he was everything you say he was. If he was to spend his last weekend with anyone, he couldn't have better than you and your family.

  9. Thanks everyone. I am so glad that Hector in his short life 'met' so many people - even if only virtually! We will remember him for a long while

  10. The poor little thing. Lovely piece, but very sad, Barbara.

  11. So Sorry To hear your story Barbara. The very same happened to us when we fostered. We had some successes, but the last kitten we fostered unfortunately didn't make it. Typically, He was the one we became most attached to.
    He hid under the bed for the first 3 days and would just hiss if we went near him. After about a week he was jumping on our heads and had taken over the house. It was so rewarding to see him come out of his shell so much! We had decided on keeping him because we got so attached.
    It's very sad when you feel so helpless to do anything for them, and god, we tried! I hope yourself and your family are ok and it hasn't put you off fostering again.
    As Brigid said, at least he had a happy ending. x

  12. SO sad but so lovely, am in tears here. Well done to you for caring so much

  13. Lovely piece Barbara. I know he had the best few days of his life in your loving household.


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