Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Am A Citizen Of This Country And I Am Angry

I am delighted that the Irish Times today published a piece I wrote last Thursday - Black Thursday in Ireland - when the Government finally came clean on more or less how much this bail out of the banks is going to cost us!

I have been overwhelmed with the response I have had - on the Irish Times website and through Twitter.

You can read it here


  1. Well done Barbara, I'm going to read it so maybe I'll understand more of Irish politics.

  2. Powerful letter, Barbara. Too many governments put blinders on during the good times. Now we're in a global mess.

  3. A wonderful letter Barbara. I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly. Your anger and frustration at the negligence of our leaders was palpable. Oh that someone would listen!

  4. I read this and realised you're one of the bloggers I follow so well done! (found your blog via Ann's). I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments and your anger - it is appalling the way the govt is treating us and the arrogance they display shows their contempt for the citizens - especially the carry on of Biffo on Morning Ireland. I could go on but I've vented on my blog at times. I sense apathy setting in and I hope there's enough energy in people to look for regime change (I declare a political bias here) and I am dreading the budget especially as the knives are still out for the public sector to take more strong medicine.
    Again congrats on the article.

  5. Dear Mrs. Scully: Your letter was was excellent. I am working on an article for Bloomberg BusinessWeek looking at how Ireland's financial crisis seems to be getting worse and would love to speak with you about it. Please let me know how I might reach you by telephone and/or e-mail. Best regards, Alan Katz, Bloomberg News / Bloomberg Businessweek. Tel: +331.5365.5007; e-mail:

  6. Congratulations on a powerfully written article. It would be brilliant to think that it'll make a difference but I wonder if there's anything us individuals can do to change the actions of those who think they know enough to run countries.
    Well done, again :-)


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